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1. To participate in the Fotoferia International Exhibition you have to be registered at Exhibion Rules

You can send the photographs via e-mail to

Participation in Exhibition must be declared by signing the document below. Your personal information will be administered by the Board of the Fotoferia Club Association in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR Regulation and the Act on Copyright and Related Rights.

Please sign this document and send it to the salon email address You can send the photographs via e-mail.

Privacy Policy

2. The Fotoferia Website is an Internet service dedicated to photographers. Having fulfilled the requirements included in Regulations, each User may publish his Photographs and comment on Photographs of other Users in compliance with provisions presented there.

3. Participant may submitt 4 photos in each section (color, mono). In case of any problems with registration please send an email to

Resolution 1400x1050, max 2 Mb.

4.  Images identical or almost identical to the previously accepted works in all Fotoferia Exhibitions will be rejected. Also it is unacceptable to enter similar images in different sections in the same year.

5. A fee is only 5 Euro per section!

Fotoferia 2012, 2013, 2014- please find videoes with awarded photograps below.

Fotoferia 2015 Gallery

Fotoferia 2016 Gallery.

Fotoferia 2017 Gallery

Polish Circuit Gallery 2018